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Photographer of the Week / Susie Tsang

Some very surreal shots in this project. I’m a bit baffled as to how she went about doing this but kudos nonetheless. This project is called ‘What’s Left is Unsaid’ and it is Tsang’ narrative of the fragile relationship between herself and her mother, as ritual and culture play on the hope of both subjects one day making amends. Jolly good stuff.






Bring a bucket cuz tonight is going to be fucking nasty ! I can guarantee you an audio sensation as mpia3 will deliver the heaviest techno Dublin would have heard since clouds graced out presence . You have one hour left to get a ticket on resident advisor !!

In November We Trust

November is always a good month, and this year it is out doing itself. One of the best gig packed 4 weeks ive ever seen with some of great acts still to come such as Ben Klock on the 23rd which if you were at Electric Picninc, you’d know yourself is a must see.
Everyone is up to something in November. New tunes, big gigs , big events. Good shit happening all the time. One of which that has certainly stormed the club night scene with a kick in the mouth is https://www.facebook.com/groovev.dublin , which is coming up to it’s 3rd event tomorrow night and we can all agree we never thought it would blow up like this. We’re looking at 500 strong ouvih buzzers attending Groove tomorrow night at The Twisted Pepper. Get on the cheapo now and don’t miss. Dublin’s best upcoming DJ’s will be pleasuring your ears for 5 hours, and maybe , if they’re feeling generous will pleasure you elsewhere after the show.
With that said, I leave you with a song. Have a good day !